Experts criticized that the non-Khmer bokator
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August 24, 2015
លោក សាន គឹមស៊ាន ស្ថាបនិកចងក្រងក្បាច់គុនល្បុក្កតោ
Photograph San Kim Sean former federation president bokator Cambodia General Assembly which was elected as the president of honor by federal mandate a life that react to with the assertion of some martial arts teacher gave interviews to the local media, saying bokator not a top martial Khmer and raised that made him come forward to explain and demonstrate the potential and evidence, as well as a milestone achievement bokator recovering and reclaiming the good ratings from international.

In an interview with the Post, San Kim Sean currently open court martial Academy bokator in Siem Reap, said: The reason I could not sleep because there are some martial arts teacher to themselves boast of martial knowledge affect inheritance bokator Khmer especially Khmer citizens and some foreign confused or misled by some young martial arts instructor.

Sean Kim Sean says teachers said the MOU, told the media that is not bokator Khmer. He said that if they make such a claim equal to the devastating legacy as the soul of Khmer martial.

The resurrection of bokator

According to the document, Mr. San Kim Sean has compiled a sequence corresponding to bokator with recognition from the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia and the Ministry of Education, Youth and is 9 points should be noted. 1 bokator was born on 24 April 2004 by San Kim Sean form a federation and recognized institutions as the national sport.

Bokator Point 2 went out to the 23rd SEA Games in the Philippines in 2005, grabbed the bronze medal in the team pursuit. 3 In 2006, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has allowed national championships across the country. 4 On 18 May 2009 bokator rights as a full member of the World Union of traditional (World Martial Arts Union) with UNESCO recognized and has 33 member countries, which are predominantly older martial culture sources.

5 on 3 October 2010 bokator was to perform in Utah kyung South Korea at the World Martial Arts Festival which There are 12 participating countries and ranks No. 2. 6 On 26 March 2011 bokator to perform in France at KARATE BUSHIDO or 26 Festival Des Arts Martiaux ParisBercy 7 On 9 November 2011 bokator to compete cage fighting (MMA) in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, 10 and No. 2.

Section 8 is on 6 September 2011, the government announced and established an inter-ministerial commission to prepare documents inclusion bokator as Cultural Heritage national and fulfills the conditions laid into the cultural heritage of humanity in 2012. 9 points on 28 and 29 June 2012 bokator ancient martial compete in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City in the event Ong Bang There are 27 countries in the world have participated and ranked No. 1 in performance and fight and was ranked No. 1 in another martial Miss .

San Kim Sean mentioned: In 2013, I was supported by the teachers and all provinces sessaakon and Agriculture, HE some well foreigners from the USA, Australia, Korea, France, Canada, Japan, as a committee member of the federation bokator Cambodia and president of the Academy with bokator strong support, I am proud to martial arts training for the younger generation to preserve cultural heritage sheer survival and future bokator renowned diamond shining like rays of light 7 color.

Mr Kim Hock Chiang mixed martial elders have much experience in sports activities and is currently a teacher bokator Vovinam Hapkido and wrestling, said: ancient martial whatever he inherited martial leaving sheer Khmer, but stories of martial or cross talk to boast this martial arts better than this bigger than it is individual, which affected net ancestral inheritance because it All of the Khmer perfectly.

70-year-old coach has stressed: the history of the Khmer had disintegrated because of their pride, selfishness or groups claiming self-mastery More than that. In total, for I should not say that is not bokator Khmer, because those words are only discredit our national heritage and can also cause social martial Khmer break.

NOCC Secretary General Vath Chamroeun and founder compiled bokator younger and specializes in modern sports, reaction : `of Khmer martial bokator refers real argument compilation and sculpture at the ruins as evidence.

Vath Chamroeun said, adding: But besides martial art contains Khmer Boxing martial Company or detailed code of martial martial such as crane fell Nge tiger stood Chiang kantiet.. Are because of all the Khmer martial arts can not say which is under because it is a growing Khmer era so what Rabbi gold scarf San Kim Sean and martial elders Kim Hock Chiang raised my support.
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