Martial Bokator was the first coach in the army
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August 24, 2015
ការ​សម្តែង​ក្បាច់គុន​ល្បុក្ក​តោ ​អំឡុង​កម្ម​វិធី​លំហាត់​យោធា​នៅ​ខេត្ដ​កំពង់​ស្ពឺ កាល​ព
Phnom Penh: San Kim Sean Research martial bokator have expressed enthusiasm and satisfaction while bokator Cambodia is efforts for nearly 20 years Ministry of Defence has been put into training programs and shows for the first time at training multinational peacekeeping forces, army Kampong gear last week.

San Kim Sean, codenamed Santa golden scarf, said: compiling documents martial my past would not benefit, because now their bags and martial bokator be put into training programs in the military.

He said: Detailed program of the training, I have not been clearly defined yet held talks with Lieutenant General Hun Manet Mt. deputy chief of staff, deputy commander of coalition troops land.

San Kim Sean claims that the coach is ready, the teacher can coach martial soldiers, more than 200 people in the next 3 to 6 months to become trainers. martial for military personnel are focused on strength and tactics, with about 300 unarmed tactics are one-on-one and one far more .

Sisowath Vuth research and sports commentators said bokator martial bokator not for performance alone, is a native martial Khmer daily lives since ancient times used the army in war fighting.

He said: The performance of bokator just one part of the masses to recognize and remember the true martial arts, but there are thousands tack courts.

Gen. Meas Sophea, deputy commander of the Armed Forces and the general commander of the ground forces, said the closing of Angkor Sentinel Exercise at Kampong : Even as science and modern weapons has made good progress, but for each army must be trained on a regular basis for health and education martial arts fighting necessary to protect themselves.

Vath Chamroeun said: I have come to represent the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia who participated in martial 1st Army in show exercises with weapons in which the program has allowed martial kounolboukkatao martial abilities of the first in line army plans to enter military training program that we discussed.

He added: In the world is diversity of ammunition, but the drill is useful for health and self-defense. in developed countries have been practicing martial arts in the army, such as Korea, the army at least two martial arts taekwondo Dan identical to China army practicing kung fu.

The ceremony shows that military tactical exercises RCAF 400 108 US troops, performance and strategy, bokator be performed army Council and chaired the first time.
December 19, 2017
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