Bokator bid to be recognized
May 17, 2016
 Photograph National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC), which has a relationship with martial World Martial Arts (World Martial Arts Union) will seek recognition Street by UNESCO (UNESCO) for the sport in the Angkor bokator as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.   Martial martial of a presence than 2,000 years and ranks among the oldest form of martial the best in the world.   NOCC Secretary General Vath Chamroeun told the Post yesterday: WoMAU which Cambodia is a member supported entirely on mission our Almighty, which was given to bokator which has enormous historical the movement of life and traditional Khmer.   It is a necessary requirement true that the kingdom will have to answer before the seal of approval UNESCO.   The foremost is that bokator as national cultural heritage, and further steps have been initiated ideas already in this direction.   Vath Chamroeun said: We have given a lot of historical evidence, transmit these rare exhibits and martial art shows bokator on the walls of Angkor Wat.   He said: We have to reach two points. 1 It is a development of bokator and other conservation. I am full of hope that UNESCO will recognize the legitimacy and undeniable bokator as a cultural heritage.
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